A Dark Redemption by Stav Sherez

‘A Dark Redemption’ is the first book in a series by Stav Sherez featuring DI Jack Carrigan and DS Geneva Miller. I have read Sherez’s two earlier novels ‘The Devil’s Playground’ and ‘The Black Monastery’ and he is one of the most brilliant authors of truly horrible crime stories that I have come across.

Three friends – Jack, Ben & David have just completed university. Rather than holidaying in places where they are likely to meet lots of other Brits, they decide to go to Uganda. But the guide books have not caught up with the unrest in the country. While travelling to Murchison falls in the north, they fall into the hands of rebels. What happens to the three young men over the next few days changes their lives forever.

Now 20 years later, David is dead and both Ben and Jack followed completely different careers from the ones they planned at University. Jack is now DI Jack Carrigan, a brilliant but unconventional detective who is not well liked by his boss Branch.

Geneva Miller was demoted to DC for striking her boss. Now Branch has offered to reinstate her to DS in exchange for spying on Carrigan. Against her better judgement she agrees.

The case on which they are working involves the gruesome murder of a young female Ugandan student. She was writing her thesis about rebel leaders in Africa. The police would like her death to be a random sex killing, but the more they investigate, the more her death seems to be linked to her thesis and its political implications.

Branch is trying to steer the investigation but the longer Miller works with Carrigan, the more she respects him. Carrigan also grows to respect Miller and they end up being and excellent team.

The final solution to the crime is not quite what anyone expected.


Carrigan and Miller are such brilliant characters and make such a good team that I can hardly wait to meet them again in ‘Eleven Days’ and hopefully again after that.

The way that Sherez weaves this story is excellent. Everything fitted together perfectly without feeling contrived or forced. Once again he has given us a completely gruesome murder without it completely overshadowing the story.

Sherez is one of those authors where I will read everything he writes.


Book Published 2012


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