Robert Harris Profile and Books

Robert Harris was born in 1957 in Nottingham where his family lived in a small house on a council estate. He had a love of writing from an early age and after finishing school he read English at Selwyn College Cambridge.

He worked for the BBC on news and current affairs programs. He has also worked as a political editor and written columns for a number of newspapers.

Harris’s first published work was non-fiction. His first work of fiction, Fatherland, was published in 1992 and enabled him to become a full-time writer and buy a house in the Berkshire countryside where he still lives. He writes historical fiction.

Harris has also written a number of screenplays based on his novels and worked with the director Roman Polanski.


Cicero trilogy


  • A Higher Form of Killing: The Secret Story of Gas and Germ Warfare (with Jeremy Paxman) (1982)
  • Gotcha! The Government, the Media and the Falklands Crisis (1983)
  • The Making of Neil Kinnock (1984)
  • Selling Hitler: The Story of the Hitler Diaries (1986)
  • Good and Faithful Servant: The Unauthorized Biography of Bernard Ingham (1990)


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