Beneath The Bleeding by Val McDermid

‘Beneath The Bleeding’ is the 5th novel in the Tony Hill and Carol Jordan series by Val McDermid. This novel begins very dramatically with Tony being attacked with an axe by an out-of-control patient at Bradfield Moor Secure Hospital. Tony has to spend several weeks in hospital while his damaged knee is put back together.

Meanwhile, Bradfield’s star footballer is also admitted to hospital. He originally suffered flu like symptoms but didn’t respond to treatment. When he dies, his death is found to be a very unusual murder.

Carol’s team are struggling to make any progress. Tony, surfing the net from his hospital bed has a few ideas about the case but they are so bizarre that he has trouble getting Carol to listen to them. He takes matters into his own hands by redirecting members of Carol’s team.

Then there is an explosion at a football stadium during a match. The immediate assumption is terrorism and the Counter Terrorism Team descends on Bradfield making life very difficult for the local police working on local cases. Tony has his own ideas about the explosion and starts his own investigation.

Eventually the investigations by Tony and Carol start to pay off and they are able to get rid of the Counter Terrorism Team and complete their own cases.


Throughout the story, the tension is high between Tony and Carol. Each loves the other but doesn’t think there is any chance of taking the relationship further.

Tony’s horrible mother arrives on the scene and attempts to get Tony to sign documents while he is in hospital.

This probably wasn’t the best novel in the series but was still excellent. I really enjoy Tony and Carol but I’m starting to find their relationship incredibly frustrating.

This is an excellent series to read and the TV series is also very good (but different). I’m looking forward to continuing with the next novel – ‘Fever of the Bone’.


Book Published 2007


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