Darkest Place by Jaye Ford

‘Darkest Place’ is the latest psychological thriller by Jaye Ford and I was once again reminded of the reasons I rush to get her novels as soon as they are available.

13 years ago, Charlotte Townsend was involved in a terrible incident in which some friends died. Now, two failed marriages, three miscarriages and lots of guilt later, she has decided to start over. She has changed her name to Carly and left her small town in country New South Wales. She has bought an apartment in a converted warehouse in Newcastle and has started a business course.

But, three days after moving into her cherished new apartment, she wakes in the middle of the night with a stranger standing beside her bed. The doors and windows are locked and the police can find no sign of an intruder. The visits continue and become more physical. After the 3rd call, the police recommend that she seek medical help and threaten to charge her if she calls again. Even her psychologist suggests that it might be a dream. And now Carly is starting to doubt herself.

She is still seeing the intruder and can find no other explanation for the bruises and injuries to her body. She has met several of her neighbours but starts to view them with suspicion, not sure who she can trust.

Is she going mad, or should she move out of her beautiful apartment and start over again?


This was an excellent novel with the tension starting slowly and gradually building up as the book went on. I found some of the earlier parts of the novel a bit slow and difficult to get into but after a while I couldn’t put the book down.

Jaye Ford is an absolute master at creating high tension psychological thrillers with strong female characters.

If you haven’t yet read anything by Jaye Ford, all her novels are excellent, so start anywhere!


Book Published 2016


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