Diana Norman (Ariana Franklin) Profile and Books

Diana Norman was a British author who also wrote several of her novels using the penname Ariana Franklin. She was born in London in 1933 and moved to Devon during WWII to avoid the Blitz. Norman died in 2011. Her last novel ‘Winter Seige/ The Siege Winter’ was completed by her daughter Samantha Norman after her death (After completing her mother’s novel Samantha Norman is now working on one of her own).

Diana Norman’s father was a journalist and she was keen on joining this profession. She succeeded in doing so despite leaving school at the age of 15. She worked for several newspapers and married fellow journalist and film critic Barry Norman. They had two daughters Samantha and Emma and now three grandchildren.

Norman mostly wrote historical fiction. Her books were extremely well researched and intricately plotted. The mix of historical and fictional characters enabled her to bring fun and life to history. She wrote her novels in contemporary English as that is the way that the characters would have sounded to each other.


Writing as Diana Norman

  • Fitzempress’ Law (1980)
  • King of the Last Days (1981)
  • The Morning Gift (1985)
  • Daughter of Lîr (1988)
  • Pirate Queen (1991)
  • The Vizard Mask (1994)
  • Shores of Darkness (1996)
  • Blood Royal (1998)

Makepeace Hedley series:

  • A Catch of Consequence (2002)
  • Taking Liberties (2003)
  • The Sparks Fly Upward (2006)

Writing as Ariana Franklin

Adelia Aguilar series:

  • Mistress of the Art of Death (2007)
  • The Death Maze/ The Serpent’s Tale (2008)
  • Relics of the Dead/ Grave Goods (2009)
  • A Murderous Procession/ The Assassin’s Prayer (2010)


  • The Stately Ghosts of England (1977)
  • Road from Singapore (1979)
  • Terrible Beauty: Life of Constance Markievicz, 1868–1927 (1987)


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