The 50/50 Killer by Steve Mosby

‘The 50/50 Killer’ was written by Steve Mosby in 2007 and now has a sequel ‘I Know Who Did It’. I read the sequel first and have been keen to read this novel since then. Having now read it, ‘I Know Who Did It’ is even more creepy.

Mark Nelson is a detective on his first assignment. He is an interview expert and has joined the team of the much revered detective John Mercer. But on his first day the team is called to a murder. A man has been burned to death. The clues lead the team to believe that the murderer is the 50/50 killer.

The 50/50 killer targets couples, stalking them for months, planting surveillance devices and living in their attics to spy on them. When he feels he knows them, he holds them hostage, subjects them to a night of torture and gives one of them the choice – die to save their loved one, or let their loved one die and live with the guilt. One of the couple will be dead by dawn.

When the killer was last active 2 years ago, Mercer’s closest colleague was killed and Mercer then had a breakdown. Mercer’s wife Eileen was reluctant to let him return to work. If she knew that her husband was once again tracking this killer she would do anything to stop him.

The killer is now holding a couple – Scott and Jodie, in the woods. When Scott stumbles out of the woods with terrible injuries, the team know that they only have till dawn to find Jodie and save her. Mercer needs to save Jodie to hold on to his sanity. Nelson’s role is critical as he interviews Scott and passes information back to the team.

But things aren’t what they seem. The killer is manipulating Mercer and his team and has an agenda that no-one has yet come close to guessing.


This was an excellent novel if you like your novels creepy and gory. It certainly helped me understand the sequel better, but I would recommend reading this book first.

I have really enjoyed the dark and sinister novels by Steve Mosby that I’ve read. I’ve still got a few more on my reading list and I’m looking forward to them.


Book Published 2007


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