Saturday Requiem by Nicci French

‘Saturday Requiem’ is the 6th novel in the Frieda Klein series by the husband and wife duo known as Nicci French. While each novel in the series builds in the life of psychotherapist Frieda Klein, this novel could be read on its own. If you are like me and hate to miss anything, then start with ‘Blue Monday’ and work your way through the week.

Police detective Ben Sedge is currently suspended from his job. One of his cases has recently been overturned and a possible murderer released because Sedge cut corners and the conviction was found to be unsound. Now all his cases are under review.

The case with which Sedge originally made his name was thirteen years ago. Hannah Docherty brutally murdered her mother, stepfather and brother. She was found unfit to plead and has been held in a secure hospital ever since. Frieda is asked to review the case and assess Hannah.

What Frieda finds when she meets Hannah is shocking. Conditions and treatment at the hospital are more like torture. If Hannah wasn’t insane at the time of the murders, she certainly would be now. And worst of all, Frieda suspects that Hannah is innocent.

At this point, Frieda’s task is over. But she can’t let Hannah rot in a hell hole for a crime she didn’t commit. But it’s pretty difficult to investigate a 13 year old crime that those involved would rather forget. And, when Frieda finally stumbles on a lead it seems that someone will go to any lengths to hide evidence.

Meanwhile, Frieda is still haunted by Dean Reeve. But is he just a figment of her imagination like many people seem to think.


This was a brilliant mystery but more than anything, I enjoyed catching up with Frieda and her motley gang of friends – especially Reuben and Josef.

Frieda was also dealing with a new client who was very interesting – I’m not sure if this client will continue into the next novel.

Things seem to be getting more intense with Dean Reeve and I can’t wait till the next novel to find out more – I think there are two left in the series.

So I wait impatiently for another year for ‘Sunday Morning Coming Down‘.


Book Published 2016


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