I Let You Go by Clare Mackintosh

‘I Let You Go’ is one of the most incredible debut novels that I’ve read. Well done to Clare Mackintosh and it’s easy to see why this novel won the 2016 Theakstons Award.

One rainy afternoon on the way home from school, 5 year old Jacob’s mother lets go of his hand for a moment. He runs into the road and is hit by a speeding car. The car drives away without stopping and a mother’s life is changed forever.

Jenna decides that the only way to get over the accident is to run away. With just a backpack, she makes her way to a small Welsh seaside town where she lives in a remote cottage.

Very slowly, the fearful and shy Jenna starts to make friends and put her life back together again.

Then there is a huge plot twist and I can’t say any more about the story without giving it away.


This story was brilliantly done. The only possible problem was that part 1 was a bit slow and I wasn’t sure how the story could drag through another 200 pages. But then the start of part 2 completely blew me away. From that point, I had trouble putting the novel down.

The characters were beautiful and very realistic. We really got to know and love Jenna, Bethan and Patrick. I found DI Ray Stevens and his DC Kate a lot less lovable. I won’t comment on the other characters – you’ll need to read the novel.

Another great aspect of the novel was the different viewpoints. One example was the difference in the ways that Jenna and Kate view the cottage.

This is one of the best novels that I’ve read this year and it’s hard to believe that it’s Clare Mackintosh’s first. I can’t wait to read more of her work and already have her next novel ‘I See You’ on order.


Book Published 2014


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