I See You by Clare Mackintosh

‘I See You’ is Clare Mackintosh’s 2nd novel. After reading her 1st novel ‘I Let You Go’ I was worried that she wouldn’t be able to maintain the pace in her 2nd. But this novel grabbed me and wouldn’t let me go. For me it was more relatable than her 1st and I’m not even a Londoner!

Like many people, Zoe Walker follows the same route at the same time to and from work each day. She has never worried much about those around her and how much they could find out by watching her for a few days. This all changes when she sees her own photo in a classified advertisement in a free newspaper. Her family and friends try to convince her that it is just someone who looks like her, but she is worried.

Then on another day, she sees a photo of someone else she recognises and her fear escalates

She approaches the police and eventually finds an officer to take her seriously. PC Kelly Swift fears for Zoe’s safety and also wants to redeem herself for past mistakes. From her lowly position, she inserts herself into a major investigation with Zoe’s interests in mind. Who is publishing photos of women and what do they have in mind for them.

As we get to know Zoe’s and Kelly’s family and friends, the game becomes even more sinister. It seems to be only a matter of time before tragedy will strike again.


Once again, this novel started fairly slowly. But the pace built fairly quickly and it wasn’t long before I was completely in the grip of the story.

The premise for the story and the characters were very realistic. Something like this could be happening right now. It really made me think about using public transport.

After a mind blowing story, the epilogue was even more mind blowing – a step into the mind of someone truly evil.

I can’t wait for Clare Mackintosh’s next novel.


Book Published 2016


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