The Innocents by Ace Atkins

‘The Innocents’ is the 6th novel in the Quinn Colson series by Ace Atkins.

Since being voted out as Sheriff of Tibehah county, Quinn has spent a year in Afghanistan training police. His good friend and former deputy Lillie Virgil has been Sheriff since he left. But Quinn’s love for Anna-Leah Stevens has pulled him back to Tibehah and now that she has separated from her husband, he hopes to marry her. In the mean time he is working for Lillie.

Then the town of Jericho is rocked by a horrific crime.

Milly Jones is 17 years old and has a secret. After her brother’s suicide she kept his phone as proof of what happened. But nobody wants to listen to her, and some want to destroy her proof. Her only option is to leave the area. To get the money to leave, Milly takes a job at the local strip club called Vienna’s and run by Frannie Hathcock (previously called the Rebel and run by Johnny Stagg).

But when she finally attempts to leave town, she is attacked. She is discovered by a truck driver walking down the road, on fire.

Now Quinn and Lillie are determined to find out what happened to Milly.


There are lots of other things going on in this story. Fannie is involved with some bad people in the financing and running of Vienna’s. Quinn’s father Jason is making grand plans for the future, but they may be destined to fail like most other things in his life. Quinn’s relationship with Anna-Leah is at crisis point like usual. Lillie’s position as Sheriff is under threat. A young man of Syrian heritage is treated as a terrorist.

This is an excellent series but I’m not sure how much more of the hopelessness of the small town of Jericho I can deal with. There don’t seem to be too many normal happy people around.

Ace Atkins’ writing was excellent as usual and there was a lot of feeling in the way that the characters and location were presented.

This story finished with a lot of loose ends, so I look forward to catching up with Quinn Colson and the rest of Tibehah County in the next novel – ‘The Fallen‘.


Book Published 2016


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