S.G. (Shona) Maclean Profile and Books

Shona (S.G.) Maclean was born in Inverness in 1968 and grew up in the Scottish Highlands. She attended the University of Aberdeen where she studied for a BA and a PhD in History.

She was interested in writing from an early age and inspired in part by her famous uncle Alistair Maclean. But it took till her mid-thirties before she was able to bring her characters from Scottish history to life in her novels. Her first novel faced many rejections before it was finally published.

The focus for Maclean’s Alexander Seaton series is 17th century Scotland, a time and place when education was greatly valued but other parts of life were not nearly so progressive.

Shona Maclean is married with 4 children and has lived in various parts of Scotland.


Alexander Seaton series

Damian Seeker series


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