Adrian McKinty Profile and Books

Adrian McKinty was born in 1968 in Belfast, Northern Ireland and grew up in Carrickfergus, county Antrim. He left Northern Ireland to attend university, studying law at the University of Warwick and politics and philosophy at Oxford. He moved to the United States, firstly to New York where he did odd jobs (security guard, barman, door to door salesman etc), then to Denver, Colorado where he worked as a high school teacher. He eventually moved to Melbourne, Australia with his wife Leah and children Arwynn and Sophie.

McKinty is part of a generation who grew up during the troubles. He knew real fear and danger just in getting to school each day. Like many others who grew up in Northern Ireland, he was greatly affected by his childhood, but it took till his 11th novel, the first in the Sean Duffy series for him to write about the troubles. Sean Duffy lives in Coronation Road in Carrickfergus in the house in which McKinty grew up. The novels of the Sean Duffy series have been McKinty’s most awarded.

Even though McKinty now lives in Australia he has no plans to use Australia as a setting in any of his novels.

Michael Forsythe Trilogy

  • Dead I Well May Be (#1) (2003)
  • The Dead Yard (#2) (2006)
  • The Bloomsday Dead (#3) (2007)

The Lighthouse Trilogy

  • The Lighthouse Land (#1) (2006)
  • The Lighthouse War (#2) (2007)
  • The Lighthouse Keepers (#3) (2008)

The Sean Duffy series

Standalone Books

  • Orange Rhymes With Everything (1998)
  • Hidden River (2005)
  • Fifty Grand (2009)
  • Falling Glass (2011)
  • Deviant (2011)
  • The Sun Is God (2014)

As Editor

  • Belfast Noir (2014) with Stuart Neville


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