Hidden Killers by Lynda La Plante

Last year Lynda La Plante’s novel ‘Tennison’ introduced us to the young Jane Tennison, made famous as a tough detective in the Prime Suspect series. ‘Hidden Killers’ follows on from ‘Tennison’ presenting us with more of the young Jane’s life and struggles in the male dominated police force of the 1970s.

Jane is still a probationary constable and hoping to become a detective. She gets her chance to work with the CID team when they need a young female to act as bait to catch a serial sexual predator. The setup works a bit too well leaving Jane slightly battered but also highly commended. But Jane’s not happy with all the evidence that has been put together against her attacker.

She is then off to work with Bow Street CID. Her first case is to investigate a young mother drowned in a bath. The case is quickly ruled accidental, but something about the drowning just doesn’t feel right to Jane.

So Jane is off on her own trying to find evidence to justify her suspicions. She’s also checking up on the evidence on the sexual assault case. In both cases she has to be careful not to step on the toes of the senior officers who believe that the cases are wrapped up and wouldn’t take kindly to Jane’s meddling.

It is easy to see the tough, uncompromising, incorruptible Jane Tennison emerging from the young WPC. She is always willing to take the extra step to get to the truth but is also learning to work within the unspoken rules set by her senior officers.

This was another excellent novel and I’m hoping to see at least one more in the series. I’m also slowly catching up with the original Prime Suspect series.

The next novel in the series is ‘Good Friday‘.


Book Published 2016


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