61 Hours by Lee Child

’61 hours’ is the 14th novel in Lee Child’s Reacher series featuring ex military policeman and now drifter Jack Reacher.

This story is set in South Dakota in winter. It is incredibly cold and getting colder as a storm blows in. Reacher has managed to get a seat on a bus half full of ageing retirees on their way to Mount Rushmore. But in the middle of nowhere, the bus skids on an icy bridge and crashes. The nearest place is the small town of Bolton. The driver and passengers are stranded in Bolton for several days due to road closures.

Bolton has recently grown due to a prison being built outside of town. The police force has doubled in size and the chief doesn’t yet know and trust all of his people.

Also outside of the town is a stone house. It was originally built by the military but its purpose has long been forgotten. A number of buildings surrounding the house are currently occupied by bikers who are believed to be manufacturing and selling drugs. A citizen of the town witnessed a drug transaction and is willing to testify in court, but can the Bolton PD keep her alive long enough to testify.

The police have checked Reacher’s record and want his help in identifying the military structure on the outskirts of town.

Meanwhile the clock is ticking towards an event. We receive an update of the time remaining on the clock at the end of each chapter.

And Reacher’s role soon expands to include witness protection.


This was the most exciting Reacher novel I’ve read for a while. The countdown, while a bit gimmicky, certainly had the desired effect on me. I was on the edge of my seat through most of the story.

There were a few new characters I got to know and love through the story, but only one of them who I expect to meet again.

The story was left up in the air and I can’t wait to read the next novel – ‘Worth Dying For’ to find out what happens next.


Book Published 2010


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