The Beautiful Dead by Belinda Bauer

‘The Beautiful Dead’ is another intense thriller from Belinda Bauer.

Eve Singer is a TV news presenter working the homicide desk. It is a cut throat industry with rival TV stations rushing to be first to the scene and to present the most sensational aspects of the story. Eve, approaching 30, is also getting old in an industry where youth and good looks are everything. Her life outside of work is also chaotic as she cares for her father who suffers from dementia and is deteriorating rapidly.

But London’s latest serial killer has taken a liking to Eve and is setting up his murder scenes as a presentation to her. But as he starts to give her advance information she must walk a fine line between reporting events and becoming an accomplice.

And when the police ask Eve to hold back information it not only upsets her boss but also the killer who at any moment could target Eve.


This was an edge of your seat gripping thriller but also had a lot more to it. There were moments of humour as well as distress and frustration and even a touch of romance.

Parts of the story were presented from the killer’s point of view and he was the sort of deranged character you would never want to meet.

There were other support characters who were important to the story – Eve’s main competitor, sleazy Guy – Eve’s gentle and loveable cameraman Joe – Her next door neighbour who is secretly in love with her and her father who fades in and out of lucidity.

Most of Bauer’s novels have used a main character who is a child or childlike. I missed that a bit in this novel, but I still enjoyed it immensely.

I still have a few of Bauer’s older novels to read and also look forward to her next novel.


Book Published 2016


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