The Lasko Tangent by Richard North Patterson

‘The Lasko Tangent’ was Richard North Patterson’s first novel. It introduced the character Christopher Paget, a lawyer who appeared in later novels – ‘Degree of Guilt’, ‘Eyes of a Child’ and ‘Conviction’.

Paget is a lawyer working with the Economic Crimes Commission and is assigned the case to investigate the wealthy and influential businessman William Lasko for stock price manipulation.

Lasko denies everything and appears untouchable because of his friendship with the president.

But then Paget receives information regarding further crimes by Lasko. One witness he tries to interview is murdered and another goes missing. But Paget is reluctant to give up.

When Paget’s own organisation tries to shut down his investigation by settling with Lasko on the original charge, Paget suspects corruption at the commission and investigates on his own. He is looking for sufficient proof to have Lasko charged with serious financial misconduct and hopefully enough proof against his corrupt colleagues. He can only do this by putting his own life in danger.


This was a fast paced thriller, although the extent of the crimes in this novel pale into insignificance against what we’ve seen in real life in the intervening years.

I’m hoping to read all 4 Christopher Paget novels, so the next on my list is – ‘Degree of Guilt’.


Book Published 1994


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