Eleven Days by Stav Sherez

‘Eleven Days’ is the 2nd novel by Stav Sherez featuring DI Jack Carrigan and DS Geneva Miller. The first in the series was ‘A Dark Redemption’.

The story begins when a convent in an upmarket area of London burns down. It is 11 days before Christmas and ACC Quinn, a catholic and financial supporter of the convent’s outreach work, wants the case resolved before Christmas. So Carrigan and his team are under pressure right from the start.

The team immediately encounters problems. The ten nuns in residence appear to have made no attempt to escape the fire and then an 11th unexplained body is found. The church is reluctant to provide any information and the priest who regularly visited the convent is ‘unavailable’ for questioning.

Eventually the 11th victim is identified and the work of the convent gradually comes to light. This leads to a number of possible suspects.

The nuns were involved in fighting against drugs in the area, controlled by a vicious Albanian gang. They were also involved in contentious work in Peru where their actions have caused a serious rift with other parts of the church. The 11th victim had led an interesting life and may have been the target.

Carrigan and Miller fight church politics and the police hierarchy in their investigation and find themselves targeted by the Albanians before the solution to the crime is finally found.


Once again, Stav Sherez has managed to portray the darkest parts of human nature (although I found this novel less dark than some of his others).

Carrigan and Miller are both interesting characters with dysfunctional lives and how many of us have a Karlson or a Quinn that we have to deal with in our lives!

I’m excited that Stav Sherez has written a new novel, a third in this series and I can’t wait to read ‘The Intrusions’.


Book Published 2013


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