Tell No Tales by Eva Dolan

‘Tell No Tales’ is the 2nd novel by Eva Dolan featuring DI Dushan Zigic and DS Mel Ferreira of the Peterborough hate crimes unit.

Zigic and Ferreira have been investigating the brutal murder of two Asian men. They have been kicked to death. In both cases, the murderer was caught on CCTV and even raised a Nazi salute, but they have not been able to identify him. The unit has even been assigned extra staff to help with the investigation.

Then they are called to another death. A group of workers, including sisters Sofia and Jelena are waiting at a bus stop when a car ploughs into them. Jelena and another man at the bus stop are killed. The driver manages to get away on foot.

Then another Asian man is kicked to death and this time the killer is caught. But the man refuses to speak and it soon becomes apparent that he was not acting alone.

Zigic and his team make very slow progress. Every time they think they have a suspect, things fall apart. Like most people, they make assumptions and these assumptions have led them in the wrong direction, losing them time. With the strong right wing political group that is popular in the area there seems to be no shortage of potential suspects.

Eventually they find a link between their cases and discover the horrible reality of what has really been going on.


This was an excellent, but completely horrible novel. It is even more relevant now than it was when  it was written with the continuing rise of the right.

The characters in the novel were very well done with all of the support characters coming to life and Zigic and Ferreira continuing to grow as characters.

I’m looking forward to reading the next novel in the series – ‘After You Die’.


Book Published 2015


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