The Last Coyote by Michael Connelly

‘The Last Coyote is the 4th book in Michael Connelly’s Harry Bosch series. This story sees Detective Heironymous Bosch working as a loner on a case very close to his heart.

Harry’s life has fallen apart. He has been suspended from his job for hitting his boss, the aggravating Harvey Pounds, his girlfriend Sylvia has left him and the latest earthquake has resulted in his house being condemned and in danger of sliding down the hill. He continues to smoke and drink and the little sleep he gets is disrupted by nightmares.

He must see a psychiatrist before he is cleared to return to work. He is very resistant but eventually he learns to trust her.

While on forced leave, he is working privately on a murder case that is more than 30 years old. A prostitute was murdered and her body dumped in a trash bin in an alley. The murderer was never caught. She had a 12 year old son in care – that boy was the young Harry Bosch. Harry regrets that he has never looked into the case before, but now he is ready.

But does he have enough information to solve a case this old? Are the witnesses and murderer still alive?

As soon as Harry starts to investigate, some of LA’s political heavyweights start to get upset. Harry uses a false name and this has serious consequences. Following the available leads Harry finds less incompetence and corruption than he initially expected.

He doesn’t so much find the criminals as they find him to shut down his investigation.

Eventually a comment by his psychiatrist leads him to the killer.


This novel was at a much slower pace than the earlier ones, but this worked well. We got to see more parts of Harry and what makes him tick than we would otherwise have seen. I think this is the best novel in the series so far and I really got to know Harry well.

I am reading the Michael Connelly novels in order so the next on my list is ‘The Poet’ featuring Jack McEvoy before returning to Harry with ‘Trunk Music’.


Book Published 1995


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