Eden by Candice Fox

‘Eden’ is the 2nd novel in Candice Fox’s Archer and Bennet series and despite the name, this novel is more about Hades (Eden Archer’s adopted father) than about Eden. I would recommend that you read the first in the series – ‘Hades’ before reading this one.

Since the events of the previous novel, detectives Eden Archer and Frank Bennet have been off work and receiving counselling. Frank is living at the bottom of a bottle, but Eden is ready to return to work and determined to drag Frank with her.

Their case involves finding what has happened to three missing teenage girls. The only thing that the girls had in common was that they all spent time at a farm with a group of drug users and misfits. Eden goes under cover to see if she can find out what happened to the girls.

Hades also has a job for Frank. Hades is being stalked and harassed. He needs to find out who and why, so makes use of Frank’s detective skills. We need to know Hades’ life story from street urchin to Lord of the Underworld to understand what is going on.

Meanwhile, Eden finds out about the missing girls in a most surprising and dramatic fashion.


I didn’t enjoy this novel as much as the first one. The cases were less interesting and the perpetrator didn’t radiate the same level of evilness. I think that I also missed the edge of your seat danger that Eric provided in the first novel.

I still found Eden a fascinating character and Hades as well. Frank was a bit of a waster in this one.

The end of the novel set the scene for more drama for Eden and I’m looking forward to reading the next novel in the series – ‘Fall’.


Book Published 2014


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