Fallout by Sara Paretsky

‘Fallout’ is the 18th V.I. Warshawski novel by Sara Paretsky and I think this is the best one yet.

Vic is begged by her young friend Bernie Fouchard to find August Veriden, the cousin of her friend. He is a young filmmaker who also works at a gym. He is missing and both his home and the gym at which he works have been ransacked. He travelled to Kansas to film the origin story for ageing actress Emerald Ferring but neither have been heard from.

Vic sets out for Kansas with her dog Peppy. Their trail takes them to the town of Lawrence where Emerald grew up but from there the trail goes cold.

Lawrence is a small but interesting town. It is a university town and hosts medical research but news still spreads by gossip and the black community is still confined to a flood prone area north of the river. 30 years ago it was home to a missile silo and anti-nuclear protests. Lawrence still holds secrets and doesn’t welcome strangers.

As Vic, the outsider, searches for August and Emerald, there are a number of other stories which are just as important and may be related. Vic can’t help but get involved.

The horror of what went on in Lawrence 30 years ago gradually comes to light and the more that Vic finds out, the more her life and the lives of those around her are placed in danger.


This was an extremely complex story and showed a much more grown up and thoughtful Vic, but she still managed to get herself into trouble.

I enjoyed the change of scenery and the way it made Vic question the direction of her life. I think it will be good to have her back in Chicago again with all her old friends.

I’m looking forward to reading the next addition to the series.


Book Published 2017


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