Sunday Morning Coming Down by Nicci French

SUNDAY MORNING COMING DOWN is the 7th novel in the Frieda Klein series by husband and wife team Nicci French. There has been a novel for each day of the week Monday-Sunday. There is one more planned to wrap up the series.

At the end of the previous novel – ‘SATURDAY REQUIEM, the ex-policeman that Frieda hired to find the elusive Dean Reeve was murdered and hidden under the floor of her house. The smell is now bothering her and when her Ukrainian builder friend Josef checks under the floor, the house becomes a crime scene. The police finally believe Frieda that Dean Reeve is still alive.

Then Frieda’s friends start getting attacked. But Frieda is convinced that the attacker is not Reeve but a copycat. With ineffective police protection and a police force stretched too thin to solve the case, it is up to Frieda and her friends to work out what is really going on.

Frieda is horrified that her friends are suffering and that there have even been deaths because of someone’s obsession with her.

There is the usual crazy atmosphere within the crazy group that Frieda thinks of as family. Sasha was absent in this novel, but the group has been joined by Josef’s 8 year old son Alexei and Yvette may finally be part of the group.

The police commissioner has been forced to back off and even Hal Bradshaw may have to publicly admit that he was wrong.

The novel had a clever murderer, but not quite clever enough.

I’m looking forward to the final novel in the series THE DAY OF THE DEAD.


Book Published 2017


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