Trunk Music by Michael Connelly

‘Trunk Music’ is the 5th of Michael Connelly’s novels featuring LAPD Detective Harry Bosch.

Bosch has finally returned to work after an involuntary leave. He has a new boss in Grace Billets, and she is someone Harry thinks he can work with. He also has a new detective, Kizman Rider, to work with in addition to his long term partner Jerry Edgar. And now they have their first case.

A body is found in the trunk of a car by a patrolman. The body is Tony Aliso, a man who made appallingly bad B-grade movies but somehow lived a lifestyle much better than his job would provide. The death looks very much like a mob hit, but somehow Bosch and his team manage to keep the case rather than the organised crime group taking it.

The money trail takes Bosch and his team to Las Vegas where they encounter associates of Aliso’s. Bosch also comes across an old flame, ex-FBI Agent Eleanor Wish, and they take up where they left off years earlier before Eleanor went to prison.

When they finally find a murder suspect, the case starts to fall apart and others step in to take over. But Bosch and his team continue to run a private off the books investigation with the approval of one of the best bosses that Bosch has ever had.


This is one of the best Harry Bosch novels that I’ve read. Probably the best thing about it was Bosch getting on with other people and not hating everyone. Grace Billets, Kizman Rider and Eleanor Wish were all very welcome additions to the story.

Once again, Bosch managed to wriggle out of an internal investigation and I was very surprised by his solution to the consorting with criminals charge.

The criminals didn’t quite receive the justice that Bosch would have liked but Bosch managed to win against internal investigations, the organised crime group, the FBI and the Mob and he also ended up happy for a change.

I’m looking forward to reading the next Connelly book on my list – ‘Blood Work’, followed by another Bosch adventure – ‘Angels Flight’.


Book Published 1997


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