An Unhallowed Grave by Kate Ellis

‘An Unhallowed Grave’ is the 3rd novel in the Wesley Peterson series by Kate Ellis.

The body of Pauline Brent is found hanging from a Yew tree in a churchyard. The killer has tried to disguise the death as suicide, but the police aren’t fooled for long. They do, however, have a lot of trouble finding a reason for someone to have killed the popular middle-aged woman.

Meanwhile, there are stories of a hanging from the same tree in the middle ages. When Neil Watson finds the skeleton of this woman in his latest archaeological dig, he starts to trace the woman’s story.

As the novel progresses, the two stories run in parallel with a lot of similarities. With some effort, Ds Wesley Peterson and DI Gerry Heffernan eventually uncover Pauline Brent’s past. The stories of the two hanged women and the reasons for their hanging are uncannily alike.


I’m hoping that this series hasn’t completely lost its shine for me, I found this novel far too similar to the previous two. It would have been more interesting if read as a standalone novel.

I’m hoping that Kate Ellis has changed the formula a bit for the next novel in the series – ‘The Funeral Boat’.


Book Published 1999


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