Camino Island by John Grisham

Unusually for John Grisham ‘Camino Island’ is not a legal thriller.

The first section of the novel involves the theft of the original F. Scott Fitzgerald manuscripts from Princeton University library. It is a daring theft which is executed to perfection.

We then meet Bruce Cable. He is a charismatic man who runs a very successful independent book store on Camino Island in Florida. One part of his business deals with rare books and he occasionally deals in the very secret stolen book market.

The insurance company for the library somehow hears the rumour that Bruce Cable may have the manuscripts. They recruit Mercer Mann, a struggling writer who spent much of her childhood on Camino Island. She is to return there to complete her current novel and get close to Cable and his circle of writers. She is not keen on the job, but is convinced to do it by having her large and burdensome student loan paid off.

Meanwhile, the FBI are still tracking the thieves and the original thieves who sold the manuscripts in a panic and want them back.


The first part of the novel – the heist was excellent. It was action packed and very exciting.

When the story moved to Camino Island, it slowed down to almost nothing. It was completely dreary. If anything interesting happened, I probably missed it through being half asleep. Even the sex was boring.

I woke up slightly for the ending.

For a real Grisham style novel, don’t bother with this one.


Book Published 2017


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