You Can Run by Steve Mosby

‘You Can Run’ is Steve Mosby’s latest novel and is a very tense, very creepy and very compelling story about a serial killer.

The Red River Killer has been active for nearly 2 decades. He abducts women who are never seen again. He sends a letter to the police aimed at tormenting the victim’s family. The police have never had any leads to his identity till now.

When a stolen car, chased by police crashes into John Blythes garage, the latest victim is discovered alive in the garage wreckage. She has been gruesomely tortured and left to die. It is the horrors discovered in Blythe’s house that convince detectives that they now know the identity of the Red River Killer.

The only problem now is finding him.

The story follows the massive manhunt and looks at the toll the abductions have had on the families of the victims.

There are many layers within the story as we wonder what some family members have really been up to and who else had been involved in the abductions. And there is one detective – Will Turner who is not posturing for the limelight or for promotion and is able to see beyond the obvious easy solution to the case.


This novel had me hooked from start to end. I loved Will Turner but struggled to really get to know him. I also felt very strongly for some of the family members of the victims.

The story had my heart racing in fear at times.

I’ve loved all of the Steve Mosby novels that I’ve read and this is one of his best.

I can’t wait to read more.


Book Published 2017


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