The Fallen by Ace Atkins

THE FALLEN is the 7th novel in the Quinn Colson series by Ace Atkins.

Colson is settling in as Sheriff with Lillie Virgil as his deputy and Tibbehah County is keeping them busy.

A group of bank robbers have been active and now they have hit one of the banks in Jericho. They operate with military precision, armed with rifles, a stopwatch and Trump masks. From the way they operate, Colson is pretty sure that they have military training.

He is so busy with the bank robbers that he doesn’t have much time for two missing teenage girls. But his sister Caddy was looking after them and is determined to find them. They were last seen working for Fannie Hathcock, the owner of the local strip club.

Fannie has more to worry about than missing girls. Local politician Skinner has come out of retirement and is determined to turn back the clock to a time when people attended church rather than strip clubs. But what is Skinner’s real agenda?

Meanwhile an old friend of Colson’s has returned to Jericho, and they aren’t waiting for her divorce to be finalised before starting a relationship.

There is the usual violence, corruption, and poverty in this story as Quinn  Colcon continues his campaign to clean up Tibbehah County.


This was another excellent addition to the series. The bank robbers featured as major characters as did Fannie Hathcock. All the characters came to life in this story and I particularly loved Mingo.

There was also quite a lot of thinly veiled political commentary in this novel.

I find myself hoping that Colson will give up on hopeless girlfriends and see what is starting him in the face, but that would probably be the end of the series.

I’m looking forward to the next one – THE SINNERS.


Book Published 2017


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