Good Friday by Lynda La Plante

‘Good Friday’ is the 3rd novel in Lynda La Plante’s Tennison series which describes the career of the young Jane Tennison we see as a hardened DCI in the Prime Suspect series.

Jane is now a Detective Constable but still having to deal with the grunt work. She longs to join a team where she can do some real work and make her mark. She has her sights set on the male only, prestigious Flying Squad which tackles organised crime in London. She ends up in the Dip Squad which is responsible for organised pickpockets and is far from prestigious.

The story is set in the early 1970s when the IRA were waging a concerted bombing campaign in England.

One day when Jane is passing through Covent Garden Station, there is an explosion that kills several people. Jane is lucky to escape unharmed and is photographed helping the injured. Even though Jane thinks it unlikely that she could recognise the bomber, her bosses broadcast that she is a witness – using her as bait.

The annual CID dinner dance is approaching, to be held on Good Friday. It is an obvious target for the IRA.

As Jane goes about her life, with police protection hovering around, she still manages to become a target. But, she also spots the clues that could lead to the arrest of the bombers.


This novel was a non-stop thriller. Jane was portrayed as young and naïve, but still very perceptive. She also shows the drive and determination that we see in the older Jane Tennison.

I recently watched and enjoyed the TV portrayal of the first novel in this series – ‘Tennison’.

This novel flowed well and the writing was less stilted than in some of Lynda La Plante’s other novels. I’m enjoying the series and I hope it continues.


Book Published 2017


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