The Rooster Bar by John Grisham

‘The Rooster Bar’ is the latest legal thriller from John Grisham and novel number 25 for him.

Gordy, Mark, Todd and Zola each embark on a law degree for their own reasons. They join a for-profit law school with the promise of good jobs at the end so that they can quickly pay off the huge student loans that they have accumulated. But as they progress through their degrees, they discover that the school they are attending only has a 50% pass rate for the bar exam and graduates rarely get the good paying jobs. By their final year they find out that their situations are completely hopeless.

Gordy carries out some research and discovers that there are 8 for-profit law schools owned by the same dodgy guy under various shell companies. He also owns a number of dodgy law firms and a bank that is heading for trouble. Gordy is not able to follow through on his research, but his three good friends carry through his discoveries on his behalf.

This involves quitting law school a few months before graduation and immersing themselves in some seriously illegal activities.

The race is on. Can they achieve what they have set out to do before the system catches up with them? And can they create futures for themselves that don’t involve a lifetime of hopeless debt.


Apparently in America, what happened to Gordy, Mark, Todd and Zola regarding their law degree and their debt could actually happen. I found their solution to be a bit more far fetched and couldn’t imagine a group of students in their twenties doing what they did and getting away with it for so long.

Despite the unlikely scenario, this was an enjoyable novel. There was a lot of tension as the group were constantly one step away from being caught and were always living on the edge. I got to like the main characters, particularly Zola and I really felt for Gordy.

This was another good Grisham novel.


Published 2017


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