Fall by Candice Fox

‘Fall’ is the 3rd novel in Candice Fox’s Archer and Bennett series.

The novel opens with a scene from Eden Archer’s secret life – just so that we know that even with her injuries sustained in the previous novel – ‘Eden’, she still means business.

But the main case in this story involves the murder of female joggers who are plucked from parks around Sydney while jogging after dark.

From very early in the novel we know the identity of the killer. Their life story is gradually presented to us while the murders and the investigation continue. It takes till late in the novel before we find out the motive.

Meanwhile, Frank Bennet’s psychologist girlfriend Imogen is investigating cold cases so that she can claim the reward money. Her latest investigation involving the Tanner missing children has come to Eden’s attention – what lengths will Eden go to to stop her?

Over the course of the novel, Hades takes in two strays – what will the future hold for them?


Even though this is the final novel in the series, the end of the novel felt like the story was just beginning.

This has been an excellent series with some very unusual and exciting characters. I love Candice Fox’s writing – much more when she writes on her own.

This third novel was action packed but I think my favourite novel of the series was the first – ‘Hades’.

I’m looking forward to reading more of Candice Fox’s solo novels.


Published 2015


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