Mari Hannah Profile and Books

Mari Hannah brings her personal experience to her detective stories. She worked as a probation officer until she left the job after being assaulted. The main character in her Kate Daniels series is a lesbian murder detective just like her own partner.

It was after leaving her probation officer job that Hannah turned to writing. ‘The Murder Wall’ started as a screenplay for the BBC before being modified to become a novel.  The novel won several prizes and Mari Hannah’s writing has gone on from there.

She lives in Northumbria with her partner.


Kate Daniels series:

  • The Murder Wall (#1) (2010)
  • Settled Blood (#2) (2012)
  • Deadly Deceit (#3) (2013)
  • Monument to Murder (#4) (2013)
  • Killing for Keeps (#5) (2014)
  • Gallows Deep (#6) (2014)

Ryan and O’Neil series:

Stone and Oliver Series:


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