Redemption Point by Candice Fox

‘Redemption Point’ is the 2nd novel by Candice Fox set in the town of Crimson Lake in Northern Queensland and featuring the private investigation team of disgraced former cop Ted Conkaffey and convicted murderer Amanda Pharrell.

Two young bartenders have been murdered at the Barking Frog bar while cleaning up after closing time. The father of one, not trusting the police, has called in Ted and Amanda to investigate. DI Pip Sweeney is in charge of the police investigation but is very inexperienced and rapidly comes to rely on Amanda’s experience (and friendship).

But Ted has problems of his own. He was charged with the abduction and rape of 13 year old Claire Bingley but released for lack of evidence. His name was never cleared and he knows he could be re-arrested at any time. Now Claire’s father Dale has discovered where he lives. Ted must find the real offender before Dale decides to take matters into his own hands. And now there are potential further charges against Ted.

But Ted also has supporters who believe in his innocence, including a notorious Sydney drug lord who has his own reasons for wanting to protect Ted while he is in Sydney to visit his estranged wife and baby daughter.

Amanda and Sweeney continue with the case in Crimson Lake and it is Amanda’s unusual skills and understanding of the criminal mind that eventually lead them in the right direction.

Through the story we are treated to sections from the diary of a man with a very sick mind.


This was a brilliant novel and I had trouble putting it down. The story followed on from ‘Crimson Lake’ but it is not essential to have read that novel first.

There was a lot of closure in this novel and I don’t anticipate a third novel in the series, although with Ted and Amanda back together in Crimson Lake, you never know.

I love Candice Fox’s writing and I’m looking forward to her next novel.


Published 2018


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