A Darkness More Than Night by Michael Connelly

‘A Darkness More Than Night’ is the 7th novel in Michael Connolly’s Harry Bosch series and is also the 2nd novel featuring ex FBI Agent Terry McCaleb. McCaleb takes a larger role in the novel than Bosch.

Terry McCaleb thinks he has retired from police work. He has married Graciella (‘Blood Work’), adopted Raymond and now has a baby daughter. He lives on Catalina Island and runs a fishing charter company with his friend Buddy. But when his old colleague from the sheriff’s office Jaye Winston approaches him for help, he is pulled straight back into his old life.

When McCaleb studies the murder scene he finds a lot of dark symbolism. Many of the elements of the murder scene have been copied from paintings by the 17th century Dutch artist Heironymous Bosch. McCaleb’s old LAPD friend Harry Bosch knew the victim, so he is the obvious suspect.

Meanwhile Bosch is the primary witness in the trial of Hollywood director David Storey. Storey is on trial for the rape and murder of one woman. Bosch knows he is guilty and believes there are more victims. The evidence against Storey is good but it is obvious to Bosch that Storey and his team have something up their sleeves.

When Bosch finds out that he is being investigated, he manages to place doubt in McCaleb’s mind and convince him to help clear his name.


This was an excellent novel, but I was able to pick each plot twist before it arrived and ended up reading explanations of things that I had already worked out.

Jay Winston was fairly unlikeable in this novel, as was Gabriella. But I enjoyed spending time with both Bosch and McCaleb.

I think we’ve probably seen the last of Terry McCaleb but I’m looking forward to the next Harry Bosch novel – ‘City of Bones’.


Book Published 2000


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