The Lost by Mari Hannah

THE LOST is the 1st novel in a new series by Mari Hannah featuring CID detectives David Stone and Frankie (Frances) Oliver based in Northumbria.

Frankie is the third Frank Oliver to serve in the police after her father and grandfather. Her new partner David Stone has recently returned to Northumbria from the Met and is still finding his feet again in the North and has plenty of baggage from his time in the Met. As a team they get to know each other better through the course of the novel.

Oliver urges Stone to look into the case of a missing 10 year old boy Daniel Scott who went missing while his mother Alix was on holiday in Majorca with her sister Kat. Daniel’s stepfather Tim and nanny Justine should have been looking after him. From the start Oliver and Stone find Tim’s behaviour a bit unusual making him a logical suspect.

The more that they look into Alix and her family, along with nannies and business associates, the more they find. And just as things are looking like coming to an end, there are further crimes to be solved.

The end of the novel moves very quickly as the lives of the characters are finally picked apart.


Frankie Oliver and David Stone are brilliant characters and I fell for them instantly. The plot of the story was good and I found the novel hard to put down, but it was really driven by the characters. The non-main characters were pretty good as well.

In this novel we learned a lot of the back stories of both Oliver and Stone but we still have a lot to find out. I can’t wait for the next novel to find out more about these detectives and to follow their cases.


Published 2018


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