Jock Serong Profile and Books

Jock Serong is an Australian writer. He fell into being a lawyer. It sounded like a good profession and he had the marks to get into the University course. But he found it was not where he really wanted to be.

After years of practicing law, Serong started writing for magazines and started work on his first novel in addition to his legal work. But with a young family, he felt overwhelmed with everything he was doing. When QUOTA became a success, Serong decided to give up his job as a lawyer. He has less financial certainty but enjoys what he is doing.

Jock Serong lives in Port Fairy on the southwest coast of Victoria with his wife and four children.


  • Quota (2014)
  • The Rules of Backyard Cricket (2016)
  • On The Java Ridge (2017)
  • Preservation (2018)

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