The Sea of Monsters by Rick Riordan

THE SEA OF MONSTERS is the 2nd book in Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson series.

When Percy’s school gymnasium is attacked by monsters, Percy realises that it is time to return to the only safe place for those who are half god and half human – camp half blood. He escapes with his only friend at school that year, a giant orphan named Tyson and is aided by his friend Annabeth. It is only when they leave the mortal world that Percy discovers that Tyson is a cyclops.

But when they get to camp, Percy discovers that it is not the place of safety that he has longed for. Things have gone wrong at camp half blood. Thalia’s tree that protects the camp is dying and monsters are gaining access. Chiron has been blamed and sent away from the camp. Also, Percy is having dreams that his satyr friend Grover, who is away on a quest, is in danger.

The only way to save the camp, get Chiron back to his rightful place, and save Grover from becoming someone’s dinner is to find the Golden Fleece and use its magic powers to bring Thalia’s tree back to life.

So Percy, Annabeth and Tyson set off on a dangerous quest to find the golden fleece.

Their journey takes them to the Sea of Monsters and as you would expect, there is plenty of danger along the way. They even team up with Percy’s enemy from camp Clarisse.

But when they finally get the golden fleece back to camp half blood, they get a bit more than they were expecting.


This was another fun adventure. I am growing to love the characters more with each book and I can’t wait to read the next one in the series – THE TITAN’S CURSE.


Published 2006


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