Night School by Lee Child

NIGHT SCHOOL is Lee Child’s 21st Reacher novel and is a flashback novel to 1996 when Reacher was still in the army. But don’t worry too much, even in the army he mostly made his own rules!

After a successful mission, Reacher receives a medal, then is sent back to school. But this is a fiction designed to get him off the grid. He has become part of a top secret mission, along with a CIA Agent, and FBI agent and some high level government officials.

A CIA agent working undercover within a jihadi sleeper cell in Hamburg has overheard part of a conversation – ‘The American wants ten million dollars’.

Reacher’s team has been tasked with finding out who the American is and what he is selling that could be worth ten million dollars.

Most of the story is set in Hamburg, but we are also taken to other parts of Germany, as well as Kiev, Texas and Afghanistan as Reacher along with his favourite sergeant Neagely, a helpful German policeman and the rest of the team gradually unravel one of the scariest terrorist plots ever.

They need to overcome secret Afghan messengers, a group of clueless neo-nazi thugs and an American who has spent years planning to earn ten million dollars.


This wasn’t as action packed as some of the Reacher novels but was still pretty eventful. The German policeman Griezman was an excellent character while Reacher’s latest conquest was totally forgettable.

One day I hope to find out what is really going on in Neagely’s head.

This wasn’t one of my favourite Reacher novels but I’m looking forward to reading the next one – THE MIDNIGHT LINE.


Book Published 2016


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