The Midnight Line by Lee Child

THE MIDNIGHT LINE is the 22nd Reacher novel by Lee Child and one of the best of the series. I’ve read them all and could go on reading them forever.

Another romance has just ended for Reacher, so he is doing what he always does – move on to somewhere else. The bus that Reacher is travelling on makes a stop in a small town in Wisconsin where Reacher sees a West Point class ring, small for female, in the window of a pawn shop. He knows exactly what went in to earning the ring and knows that the owner must have been desperate to part with it. He buys the ring and starts to track the owner.

His search takes him through the American mid-west where people live 10 miles from their nearest neighbour. He eventually discovers that he is not the only person that is looking for the owner of the ring. He teams up with the other searches to track her down.

This is a sad tale of Veterans on the scrap heap, discarded once they are no longer of use to the army, and lacking the support that they need.

But Reacher and his companions have found a way to fight back against those who take advantage of the most vulnerable.


This was an excellent Reacher novel. There was plenty of action as Reacher took care of those who got in his way. There was also a sad story which didn’t have a completely happy ending, just a bit better than what it was.

I’m sorry that I’ve caught up on all the Reacher novels. Now I have to wait for the next release to get another dose of Reacher – PAST TENSE.


Published 2017


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