The Sinners by Ace Atkins

THE SINNERS is the 8th novel in the Quinn Colson series by Ace Atkins, set in the fictional Tibbehah county in Northern Mississippi where Quinn Colson is the sheriff.

Heath Pritchard has finally returned home after 23 years in prison (put there by Quinn’s uncle Hamp). In his absence, his nephews Tyler and Cody have perfected the art of growing pot and not getting caught. Their drug business funds their lifestyle – racing cars and being drunk or stoned the rest of the time. They don’t need Uncle Heath to tell them how to run their business and live their lives. But Heath wants to be back in charge and take over the established drug hierarchy in the area – the one set up by the ‘Dixie Mafia’.

Quinn’s best friend Boom Kimbrough has recently got a job as a truck driver. He soon finds out that not all the goods he is transporting are on the manifest. The truck company is moving everything from drugs to young girls and anything else illegal.

As Quinn prepares for his marriage to Maggie, the various groups involved go to war over drugs, running the local titty bar, and everything else. Quinn, along with the Federal Authorities need to disrupt the mafia, shut down the Pritchards and save Boom who has got himself caught in the middle of the mess.


This novel was another excellent instalment in the series. Most of the long term characters were in the novel and one major new character was introduced who could become important to Boom. There was to usual fighting between the powerful of the county as well as the usual desperation and infighting among the criminals.

I’m enjoying this series and can’t wait ti read the next novel.


Published 2014


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