The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown

‘The Da Vinci Code’ is the 2nd novel by Dan Brown featuring Harvard Art Historian and world renowned Iconologist Robert Langdon.

Langdon is in Paris giving a lecture when he receives a call in the middle of the night from the police. Jacques Sauniere, the curator of the Louvre Museum has been murdered. Langdon and Saunier had been due to meet that evening. There is also evidence that the police interpret as pointing to Langdon’s guilt.

But Sophie Neveu, a police cryptologist who also happens to be Sauniere’s granddaughter interprets the evidence differently. Sauniere’s dying message is a puzzle directed at her. Sauniere was a member of the Priory of Sion, an organisation tasked with protecting the secret of the Holy Grail. To ensure that the secret does not die with him, he has given Sophie and Robert clues to discover the secret.

And so begins the thrilling and dangerous treasure hunt. Sophie and Robert are chased through France, England and Scotland by a murderous albino monk who is directed by a shadowy figure known only as the teacher, by a police chief with questionable motives and by a desperate bishop. Along the way they team up with a wealthy British Knight who is an expert on the grail and some of the lesser known aspects of religious history.

If they survive to the end of their journey, what is it that they will find?


This novel is a totally action packed thriller held together with a lot of intricate detail.

The premise behind the story would have to be described as conspiracy theory but told in such a believable manner that it becomes difficult to draw the line between fact and fiction. I found myself asking what if……

The story is a bit sensationalist but a lot of fun. Who doesn’t enjoy a treasure hunt with a goofy professor?

I’m looking forward to meeting Robert Langdon again in ‘The Lost Symbol’.


Published 2003


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